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Welcome to the Cornish Sprout.

This site is dedicated to the Mythical Cornish Sprout. Famed on most tables in the land, revered by adults, feared by children; a winter solstice vegetable of unrivaled class.

Mimicked by the European version - The Brussels Sprout, the Cornish Sprout is a world leader in taste, colour, and when cooked correctly, texture. Sometimes confused with the Cornish Pixie the Cornish Sprout is a completely separate being, long valued for the sulphurous content.

The origins of the Cornish Sprout are hazy in the recognised literature, however, some details do still exist and these are reported on the history page.

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We hope you enjoy your journey through the realms of the Mystical Cornish Sprout and remember the best way to take this journey is with a pinch of salt!



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